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Meet the Team

Gary Rooney

This here is Gary, the proud owner of Big Recovery.

Gary started Big Recovery in October 2015 and has since expanded his Business. Gary has now moved Big Recovery to Bigger premises, increased his fleet, and the number of staff he has working with him. ( you will meet them all through the next few week's)

Believe it or not- he retook his photo about 25 times.  " because the angle just wasn't right - he couldn't get the truck in the picture"

Gary enjoys dabbling between office work, divulging his "fountain of knowledge" to the team  and helping the recovery team in the trucks.

You have probably spotted him out and about working hard recently in his latest pride and joy - our Eurocargo Twindeck 

When Gary's not at work, he enjoys visiting his favourite team Dundee Stars , with his favourite people.

When he isn't wrapped up at the ice rink, he will usually be away with the family for weekend trips around Scotland.

If you are ever unsure if we can recover your vehicle, you can send Gary a message, and he will re-assure you of the work we cover.

01382 213800

Ashley Edgar

We would like to introduce to you

Ashley, our Operations Manager

Ashley joined our team, late January 2023 and has been a fantastic asset to our team since. Most of you will have spoken to Ashley over the phone, but we thought it was time to introduce the lady behind the calls.

Ashley was completely new to the recovery business, when joining our team. However she has worked hard and flourished at developing her knowledge. But if you ask Ashley- her biggest improvement from January has been her geography 

Ashley is a mum of 2 wild boys, so she was ready for whatever this job was going to throw her way. 

In her spare time Ashley enjoys Boxing, cheering from the sideline at her sons football matches and cosying up to a good book. 

If you are needing any help with a vehicle recovery today, or require assistance with your account - you can reach our wee Ashley in the office during the following hours

Mon - 8-6

Tue 8-6

Wed 8-2.30

Thur 8-2.30

Friday 8-2.30

01382 213800

olivia meet the team.jpg

Olivia Dewar


Well since the cat is out of the bag with our birthday post - we can no longer keep her all to ourselves.

Everyone meet Olivia, the newest member to team Big Recovery. Olivia has come on board as our Part-time Receptionist/Administration.

Many of you will have spoken with Olivia already over the last few weeks, as she increases her knowledge and finds her way around the different types of work we do.

Olivia has recently moved back to her home town Dundee, after spending a few years working in Hospitality on the Isle of Sky.

In her spare time, she enjoys bar tending and spending time catching up with friends.

Once fully trained, Olivia will be available be working alongside Ashley, to make sure we have phone cover during all our office opening hours.

Olivia can be reached during the following hours: 

Monday 10-4

Tuesday 12-4

Wednesday 12-6

Thursday 10-6

Friday 12-6



Everyone meet oor we Cameron.
When Cameron is not at school or keeping himself busy on the Xbox, he can be found helping us out with a bit of truck cleaning. 

Ian Young

Everyone meet Ian.

one of our very talented recovery drivers.

Ian was very new to the recovery business, when joining our team in 2018. However he blew us out the water with how quickly he picked up the job.

Ian loves being outdoor, come rain or shine. In his spare time he usually finds himself sneaking away on a little adventure, or sitting behind the goal line, supporting the Mighty Toffees!!

01382 213800

John Gordon

Here is our Johnboy

John has been with us from 2017, John joined the company when we were still very young and been a great asset to the business as we have grown to where we are now.

John has been in the recovery industry for many many years and has a vast wealth of knowledge especially when it comes to the trickier jobs and thrives when it comes to accident recoveries (unless it's raining, snowing, sunny, cloudy, too hot or too cold )

John loves nothing more than hooking up his trailer tent or hiring a motorhome and going off on fishing trips in some beautiful places in Scotland or sitting with a nice cold beer watching the football.


Wee Donkey

Everyone meet Donkey

Donkey joined the team in June 2023 he plays a vital role within the business! he keeps our employees company when they commit a "what a donkey" offence 🤣

If you see Donkey in any of our trucks you have the right to ask what F#@k up they did to deserve the companionship of Donkey.


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